From Refugee To Doctor:

A Story of Perseverance and Faith

After enduring bombing in the Liberian war, the death of her favorite uncle, typhoid fever, and an unhealthy dynamic with her mother, Dasherline describes how she successfully overcame these hurdles, enabling her to help others as a psychologist. She contrasts the loving and nurturing relationship with her maternal grandmother, which provided a solid foundation for healing and wholeness, with the broken bond with her mother.

After immigrating to the United States, Dasherline struggled to adapt to a new culture while studying for her doctoral degree and raising her children. As a Black-African woman new to American culture, she explores the impact of George Floyd’s death and other instances of racism and micro-aggression as she counsels her sons on safe behavior. She credits her faith in God as the source of healing in her relationships with her mother and her husband. She hopes through this story that readers will be inspired to develop their own resilience and faith to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.


The Opioid Abatement Toolkit

As the lead Lead Principal Investigator, Dr. Dasherline has overseen this opioid abatement research project, which has been a joint effort with North Carolina Central University and Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) to develop an interactive toolkit for residents of Durham, North Carolina and those in other North Carolina counties. The toolkit, which is available in both online and print formats, provides information about ways to reduce opioid misuse, overdose, and death. The toolkit includes five modules, informed by input from community, to address current needs and concerns.


Opioid-Abatement Toolkit

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A Strong Black Woman Battling Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

After years of battling depression and suicidal thoughts, Zoe loses her children to foster care. As she struggles to come to terms with her current situation, she finds that her image of the strong Black woman has been shattered. Zoe has found herself facing the harsh realities of living with untreated depression, resulting in the loss of her marriage, her children, her job, and her home. She faces career and financial struggles as well as cultural and racial stressors with no knowledge of how to get help. She feels forced into therapy, mistrustful of a system that seems unlikely to understand her or treat her effectively. But then she finds hope and begins to rebuild her life.


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